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Bleeding gums and loose teeth aren’t normal. Without strong, healthy gums, you can’t expect to have a healthy, attractive smile. Gum disease can also lead to tooth loss, bone decay, bad breath, the inability to eat a healthy diet, and even general health problems, like heart disease. By using the most current, effective methods to treat gum disease, Dr. R. Eduardo del Amo and Dr. Jose R. Mellado can help you overcome these problems while transforming your smile. Dr. del Amo and Dr. Mellado are very competent and skilled periodontists with over three decades of combined experience and many thousands of procedures to their credit. Over 300 dentists have found them to be a reputable, reliable resource for leading-edge periodontal care and high-tech implants. With Dr. del Amo and Dr. Mellado, each patient receives unsurpassed clinical excellence, uncompromising personalized care, and exceptional concern for their comfort.

The main goal of Dr. del Amo and Dr. Mellado is to help you achieve and maintain healthy gums, which sets the foundation for an attractive smile. Since they’re likewise experienced dental implant specialists, they can also help you replace missing or damaged teeth with life-like implants that give you the most natural appearance, fit, and function possible. They’re also uncommonly detail-oriented and will spend as much time as needed educating you on your treatment options and cooperating with your dentist so every aspect of your care is precisely tailored to your unique needs.

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